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PaTaak IT Solutions has grown through the different ages of online marketing to incorporate and promote new marketing methodologies that include –

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We create SEO strategies through strong and organic keyword mapping. Our solutions include effective promotion of backlinks and organic keyword promotion through blogs, articles, and PR.

  • Social media marketing

Promote your business on social media to get maximum brand exposure and create product and service awareness through engaging content.

  • Affiliate marketing

Engage with trendsetters and promote business through the most relevant channels for the highest brand engagement.

  • Content marketing

Smart marketing of content for organic promotion to ensure the highest efficacy and product exposure.

  • Pay per click advertising

Effective campaigns designed to ensure every click count and highest ROI is generated through thoughtful and promotion in the right spheres

  • Email marketing

Send email blasts to target customers by studying trends and reports on viable markets

  • Influencer marketing

We connect with niche content creators who have followers in the area in which clients’ business operates and engage them for effective brand, product, and service promotion.

Marketing on the virtual world is about personalizing as you are marketing directly to the end customer. We design campaigns to reach the audiences and the content is designed to ensure they come on top in their search. We design marketing strategies for clients to ensure that they consistently achieve top rank in search engines and maintain that position through organic boosting.

PaTaak IT is the hub for all web development and digital marketing solutions. We understand the value a thriving web presence can generate for brands. Thus, we guide you as you navigate through the various marketing channels such as websites, application, and business marketing campaigns.
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©2022 PaTaaK. All Rights Reserved.

©2022 PaTaaK. All Rights Reserved.