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IT Training:

As a part of our total effort to provide end-to-end IT services for clients, TechnoPlus uses proven experience from the field to offer the latest in-demand technology education. Our rigorous standards in training will propel our clients to the forefront of the technology world. These courses are categorised and will be scheduled throughout the year. The current Information Technology training market is segmented into six broad segments.

  • IT Infrastructure Training – building, sustaining, and managing technical infrastructure.
  • Programming and Database Training – database construction and management, programming language, and similar areas.
  • Enterprise Business Applications Training – software applications that manage organisations’ processes, such as ERP, CRM, call centre management, automated billing systems, etc.
  • Desktop Applications Training – using programs and applications for desktop users.
  • Certification Training – certifications, compliance, exam preparation, or boot camp style training programs.
  • Cyber Security Training – courses and training programs centred on IT network and system security.
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©2024 PaTaaK. All Rights Reserved.

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